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Amber Murphy, EA, CRPC

Enrolled Agent

Amber Murphy had 20 years of litigation experience as a Jury Trial specialist before becoming an IRS Enrolled Agent and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC) with Murphy Wealth Management.

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, Amber has spent most of her waking life, calculating things. It is her nature to observe and analyze the numbers in…everything. “When I was a child, I would count how many steps I walked in a staircase or the number of tiles on the floor at the store and then re-work them in my head to make something “cooler”.

Amber has worked since well before she had a “permit” to do so. Like many Hoosiers, she was taught how to work hard and to make her own way. During her last year of high school, Amber turned down offers from named schools like Princeton and Stanford, and focused instead on her own community in Central Indiana.

Amber’s work and education background have grown together, as she worked full-time while completing her undergraduate degree. Amber earned a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Purdue University (Indianapolis) where she graduated and was inducted as a Lifetime Member into the International Honor Society in psychology. She did so while working full-time in the Marion County Public Defender agency, supervising the paralegal division, as the youngest division head in their history. Amber utilized her education and analytical nature for 10 years in the County, State and Federal government/court system as a jury consultant, witness specialist and litigation/capital trial paralegal and supervisor.

After starting a family, Amber’s life changed, her drive shifted and her career matured. In 2004, she began providing litigation support and case record analysis as an independent contractor. Amber began her tax background almost by accident. She loved numbers so much that she would complete the taxes for other professionals she worked with on other client cases. Over time, Amber began to integrate the tax analysis into the corporate, family and estate law cases for which she generated reports.

In 2011, Amber added an Insurance License to her training while studying to obtain her Enrolled Agent (EA) designation in taxation. She has negotiated cases with the IRS and IN DOR successfully for her clients and proudly done so with a motto “do it by the book … I love code”. Amber simply loves to detangle tax code. And she is a social worker at heart. So now, she spends her career untangling tax code to help families, individuals, and businesses.

Amber loves spending time with her family, and does so at work and play. The entire family takes a part in serving clients for the business. Cooking and hiking top Amber’s family fun activities.

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